About Guru Shri B. R. Thulasi Ram 

Guru Shri B. R. Thulasi Ram. He is one of the most talented humans that I have met. I am truly blessed to have been his student! A teacher par excellence!

Such a rare thing to see one person possess so many talents. He was not only an extraordinary Bharatanatyam dancer, but also an immensely talented mridangist and a soulful Carnatic classical singer in addition to being one of the most respected in the art of Nattuvangam!

A genius of sorts! That’s Shri Thulasi Ram!

I can speak volumes in praise of my Guru, but to put it very simply, Thulasi Ram sir made me fall more deeply in love with dance every moment of every class. This love has made me the person I am today. He sadly passed away in 2010, but he continues to live on through his art and a legacy he left behind. I feel the responsibility more than ever to make him proud. 

He gave me the blessings to begin my journey as a teacher after I completed my Vidwat and ever since, I have tried to pass on the joys of classical dance to my students. 

Every class is a reminder of the responsibility that comes with being called a teacher. The students become an inspiration to keep pushing the limits and when knowledge is shared in its purest form, the class becomes divine.