A Language I can Never Forget

I’m very lucky because while I was working in Jakarta, I had a special experience which no one can have. I’m Japanese and didn’t have any dance experience. Until that is, I was an adult and I coincidentally watched a Bharatanatyam class conducted by Sindhu guruji and discovered this Indian traditional dance. Then, I decided to take the class without thinking, hesitating, anything.

After having over three years of having a beautiful relationship with Bharatanatyam, I had to leave Jakarta and move to Tokyo. I started to forget Bahasa vocabulary and my lifestyle was also changing very drastically. Only, Bharatanatyam remains unchanged and a constant. Why, you ask? You’ll understand the reasons once you meet Sindhu guruji who opens the door to the Bharatanatyam journey and practices amazing dance items with her lovely students. It is truly a magical classroom!

Last but not least, dance has become such an important part of my life, so much so that I wish to promise and prove to myself that in the future I’ll be dancing to my heart’s content even when I am 70 years old, just as Ibu Bulan, our dearest mother did and Sindhu guruji will do.