A Journey to Find My Passion in Bharatanatyam

I stepped into Bharatanatyam world for the first time about nine years ago. At that time, I started joining Guru Sindhu’s dance class at JNICC in South Jakarta. There were only three girls in the class, Mariko, Mareta, and me. The two had joined the class not long before me.

To be honest, I did not know why I chose Bharatanatyam. Perhaps, it is pre-destined😊. I was searching a dance class where I could learn from the basics and I found a Bharatanatyam class was opening at JNICC.

The first classes were exciting yet tough. ‘Aramandi’, step 1, 2, 3, and ‘mudras’ were very new to me.  Memorizing all these movements was not an easy job for an adult because we also have other things in mind.

My attraction towards Bharatanatyam grows every time I watched Guru Sindhu’s performance, even when she showed us the movement in the class. The perfect steps and graceful hand gestures match with the throb of the music. The expression coming from heartfelt emotions speaks more than thousand of words. The brightness of the silk dance costume adorned with the dazzling gold jewelries are like a magnet for me. I think, I was in awe of the dance and am committed to quitting the class no matter how challenges it is.

The time flies so fast. It has been almost nine years for me learning Bharatanatyam. People came and go during my journey to the class. Even, I had to take few long breaks in between due to some issues, I always find a strong reason to resume the class. Part of me missing and I want to reclaim it. As the time goes, I feel the bond between Guruji, the dancers, and the dance grow stronger.

Now, I am proud of telling other people that I am a Bharatanatyam dancer and part of Guru Sindhu’s Bharatanatyam dance family.